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[Rolling Stone] Solving the Web’s Deepest Mystery


Ross’ Remarks: Regular Readers of Reading Ross will note that the site covers a lot of journalism on digital security and cybercrime/warfare. This is our new battleground and warfare and crime will take forms we’ve never seen and the creativity of incursions involved will be formidable. Cicada was a puzzle that appeared on Reddit in 2012 and then led problem solvers on a multi year chase down the rabbit hole. Why? No one is quite sure. But lots of government agencies, here and abroad, were impressed.

Cicada: Solving the Web’s Deepest Mystery

Marcus Wanner needed a little adventure in his life. A skinny 15-year-old brainiac with wire-frame glasses and wavy brown hair, he was the eldest of five, home-schooled by their mother, a devout Catholic, near Roanoke, Virginia…..

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