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[Bloomberg] The Long, Strange Saga of the 180,000-Carat Brazillian Emerald


Ross’ Remarks: This article was sent to me by the indomitable Guy Antilla (and, with a name like Guy Antilla, it’s a wonder no one has written an article like this about him). My wife and I spent our honeymoon in Bahia, Brazil, and we went backpacking in a converted diamond mining region. So, I can only imagine what it took to find this hunk of rock much less drag it to California. These are some supremely motivated crooks.

The Long, Strange Saga of the 180,000-Carat Emerald

In the northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia, not far from the city of Pindobaçu, the land is creased like an accordion. There, the earth’s crust has been squished into a series of granite ridges separated by scrub-filled valleys…..

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